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Mobile Access

View and track your numbers anywhere on your smart phone or wireless devices.

Web Access 

FastTrax is an Internet based application that gives the provider and owner the power and flexibility of access on any device that can connect to the internet. The interface is easy to understand and easy to use.

Daily Tracking

Enter nine easy number statistics at the end of your day you will see thirteen daily statistics and be on the FastTrax to achieving your weekly and monthly goals.

Customizable Goals

Completely customizable goals for full-time, part-time, entry level providers up to the most experienced providers. Use goals based on performance to celebrate real achievements in your culture.


Detailed reporting on specific areas of your business will show you growth, possibility and measure the success by department. FastTrax will give you an in-depth look at how to coach and mentor hair, skin, nail and massage departments with greater accuracy.

Performance Based Reward System

FastTrax congratulates the provider instantly when they hit their highest number in Referral guests, Return Guests, Total Guests, Prebooks, Chemical services, Service and/or Retail Sales. Celebrating the best yet achievements are motivating and is important to continued success with your business.

Real Time Goal Statistics

Submit your numbers and watch your goal get closer! With real time data you can submit your daily numbers and see your weekly and monthly goal statistics. No more adding and subtracting every time you want to see how much closer you are. FastTrax gives you up to date numbers 24/7 so you have a plan when you start your next day!

Sales Planner for the Provider and Owner

Use this tool to see how easy growing your business can be next year. Using historical data from the prior year enter how much you would like to grow this year and see your new goals for service, retail and guest count appear. This report also shows you how close you were to achieving your goal as the year continues.

Sales Tracker for the Owner

This tool creates a document for you to use with your support staff to show them daily salon goals for Guest count, Service Sales and Retail Sales. Watch your culture rise with this powerful support report.


FastTrax reports are the heart of the application. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and custom date reporting is a snapshot of your numbers at your fingertips. No more paper, calculators, pencils and eraser dust! Click and view hundreds of reports with FastTrax.

Automated Staff Meeting

Arrive to your staff meeting with rewards in hand. With the click of one button you will have the Staff Birthdays, Employment Anniversaries, Best yet number achievements, Comma Club ($1000 or more Retail Sales) and Providers that have Qualified or Jumped. Leave the duty list for another day and celebrate the success of your staff with FastTrax.

Distributor Sales Consultant Scorecard

Collecting Data for your sales consultant or business consultant can be daunting. With FastTrax the numbers are at your fingertips. Get an accurate account of your businesses health with a scorecard. See if you are on the right track or if you need an extra boost in a specific area. Save time and create a plan for your business with scorecard.

Detailed Coaching and Mentoring Reports

Performance reviews can be time consuming and difficult to organize if you don’t have a clear picture of the providers business. FastTrax gives you an edge in these meetings by providing you the numbers you need to make great business decisions. Take the emotion out of your meeting and watch the performance grow.

Historical Data

FastTrax will maintain provider and salon data month after month. The greatest way to know where you are going is to see where you have come from. Providers love to see their numbers grow year after year and so will you!