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When training a new service provider it is important to explain the dynamic of tracking guests. We specifically split guests into three categories: New, Referral and Repeat.


A new guest is someone who has never been in the salon before. Maybe they drove by, walked in or found you on Google. They have not been referred in by another guest or service provider and typically have no connection to the salon before their first visit. A new guest is also an existing salon guest that is seeing the service provider for the first time. Maybe they couldn’t get in with their provider or maybe they are open to see any provider in the salon. New guests have the potential to become a regular repeat guest.


The referral guest is always a first time guest to the salon. They have a connection to the salon and the service provider. They have heard about the specific service provider by word of mouth from a friend, family member, co-worker, the service provider themselves or someone in the community. These are sacred to growing a solid repeat business.


Repeat guests have seen the service provider two or more times. These guests may have pre-booked the appointment, called and booked over the phone, booked online or walked in and saw the same service provider they have seen before. These guests are the core of a building business.


Every guest fits into one of these three categories.  When tracking be sure to record them accurately so you can see retention rates and the effectiveness of your referral  and salon advertising programs. FastTrax will tally all the data from these three categories and give you your total guests for the day. At the end of the week the weekly report will automatically show you the totals in each guest category! Spend time planning instead of calculating with FastTrax!



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