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Staff Meetings Worth Cheering For

FastTrax features an amazing report called Staff Meeting. With one click it generates a report for you to design a meeting worth celebrating. There are Nine Categories including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Best Yets, Comma Club ($1000 or more in retail sales per month), the total Service sales, total retail sales, guest count and the providers who qualified and jumped.

We meet once a month at the beginning of the month for two hours. We use this report as the framework for a positive encouraging meeting. Each meeting we start with the “Shout Out’s”. We have a small comment box in the break room that the staff writes kudos and thanks to their teammates during the month. Everyone passes the box around and reads the wonderful comments aloud to share. This is one of my favorite moments to see the comradery of the team. We then announce the Birthdays that are coming and recognize providers employment anniversaries. If they are milestones such as 5 or 10 year we will have a special presentation for them at the meeting.


The content in the middle of the meeting changes each month based on promotions, new products, education events, announcements or new contests. We will rarely address the entire group with negative complaints about cleaning, laziness or other salon related drama. Most of the time we don’t have an issue with any of the aforementioned items.


We love to share Service and Retail numbers for the entire salon and discuss whether we are up or down from the prior year. The team really celebrates when we are having great months and they love to brainstorm new ideas for growth. We will share guest count so that they can see the big picture of how many people we are serving in our community. Sometimes I will share data regarding the New clients from an advertising campaign to remind them about keys to retention!


To wrap-up our meeting it’s AWARD and ACHEIVMENT TIME! I announce and hand out tiny stars with the providers Best Yet Numbers written on them so they can display them on their lockers. We acknowledge each service provider that made it into comma club with a special award and then they are entered into a yearly drawing with great prizes for each time they hit comma club!

When a service provider is on track to get a promotion we celebrate and share what they are working on to stay on track so everyone can help them achieve their goal. If a provider has met all of their goals three months in a row we celebrate their promotion with a Mimosa toast, flowers, cards and handwritten notes for their station to show our guests the achievement they have earned! This is always a big deal and we celebrate all month long for their hard work!

Last but not least retail commission checks are celebrated. We pay up to 20% retail commission on their retail sales from the month before. We start with the lowest retail dollar amount sold and announce each time the amount sold, the RTS % and the Total amount being paid. As the checks go on the numbers get bigger and bigger. The staff loves celebrating everyone’s business and what a great way to honor them for their hard work!


I love our staff meetings. The energy is beautiful which is just what this industry needs so we can serve our guests!


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