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When the Pain of Staying the Same is Stronger than Change

As a visionary and entrepreneur I use proven systems, efficiency and cutting edge advances to keep my salon business current and competitive. I have been working in the beauty industry since 2000. I attended a hairschool that had 75 students on the clinic floor with a paper appointment book. We have come a long way since those days. I am grateful for the advances in software, web applications, social networking and mobile apps that have helped me enhance my business.


I have been working with industry consultants since 2005 and implementing systems into the framework of my salon. The information and processes have stayed the same since I have started. There is no technology as part of this program. I have had to take the information and develop computer based solutions to help organize, save time and help me evaluate the business.


The key components to the success of the entire framework are numbers that are manually tracked by each service provider onto a paper journal to measure performance. They are tracked in binders filled with pages of numbers scribbled in pencil with calculators and computer printouts stuffed in the back. At the end of each month I collect the numbers they have calculated and enter them into a spreadsheet on my computer. I receive them via text, email, facebook, little pieces of paper and sometimes I don’t receive them at all. After I collect and input the data into my spreadsheet I can calculate the growth or loss we are seeing in each area. This takes me hours (sometimes days) to collect all my staffs numbers and create a plan for coaching.

After three years of spreadsheets and frustration I decided to “be the change”. I had 20 service providers and each month it took more and more time. So I watched my staff as they entered the backroom to grab lunch or their things at the end of a shift. The first thing they would all grab is their phone. It occurred to me that they wouldn’t leave home with out it, forget it in their trunk, accidentally leave it in their locker over the weekend or go extended lengths of time without checking it. (All excuses why their numbers weren’t done) The bulky journal was just that, bulky. They were frustrated. It was hard work to write numbers in at the end of each night calculate how far they were from their goal and make a daily plan. It was twice the work to recalculate their distance from the goal they had set for themselves. They usually ended up doing all their numbers at the end of the week or the end of the month and honestly it was history at that point.

I began working with my husband to create and engineer a mobile app and web based dashboard so that each month with a few clicks I would have all the numbers I need for coaching, goal setting, planning and evaluating the health of my business. The best part was the staff would no longer have to invest in huge journals and manually calculate data. Five providers have jumped in the four months since we installed the FastTrax beta test. Designing a technology solution to our tracking is revolutionizing our company, culture and business.


FastTrax is giving the power back to the service providers to be creative artists and simplify the tracking process so they can focus on their goals rather than bookkeeping. With a web based dashboard the reporting possibilities are endless! As we continue to collect data we are always developing new ways to look at our business so we can grow. I know owners can agree that tracking numbers, collecting data and knowing what to do with it can be a challenge. FastTrax provides a simple solution!




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